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Women Gynecology Red Light Ozone Physiotherapy Device

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Application Ranges

Mild cervical erosion
Mild non-specific vaginitis


1. Eliminate Peculiar Smell, Eliminate Itching, Keep The Vagina Clean, Protect Vaginal Health.
2. Effective treatment of common gynecological disease, cervitis & cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, uterine tumors, ovarian disease, frequent urination and urinary infection.
3. After the mitochondria absorbs the light from the gynecology red light therapy device, its catalase activity will be greatly increased to enhance the cell metabolism.
as well as increase the sugar content, protein synthesis, and triphosadenine decomposing.
4.Thereby, the cell synthesis will be promoted to speed up the healing of wounds, ulcer and bone fracture.



1. With cleaning and disinfection functions, no residue, no supplies, green physiotherapy.
2. Do not lead to drug resistance, long-term use will have better effect.
3. Pure green physiotherapy, no side-effect, no pain, no cross-infection.
4. Red light (600nm-700nm) can penetrate deeply into the body (up to 30mm) for better sterilization & disinfection effect.
5. Ozone Output ≥10mg/h, medical standard.



Output PowerContinuously adjustable, maximum value is 3W±23%
Spot Diameter20mm
Timing Function10-60min continuously adjustable, the error is controlled within 10%. The warming signals will be sent out once the treatment is over.
Cooling Function of Treatment HeadThe surface treatment is no more than 55℃
Ozone Output≧10mg/h
Working Conditionsa) Relative humidity: ≦80%
b) Temperature range: 5-40℃
c) The working environment should be free from corrosive gas. Do not use the device in the environment where strong electromagnetic field exists.
Dimension(cm)a) Product: 19*15.5*9.7cm
b) Package: 19*13.2*21.5cm


*Who shouldn't use the Women Gynecology Red Light Ozone Physiotherapy Device

After you've welcomed your new arrival, the Women Gynecology Red Light Ozone Physiotherapy Device will be there get you back into shape after your 6 week check-up.

Undiagnosed pain, infections, vaginal or rectal conditions. Do not use if you have vaginal varicose veins or while undergoing IVF.

As you may not be able to insert the probe to a sufficient depth. You may be able to use this if you have a bladder or bowel prolapse - the probe needs to be inserted 2 inches.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

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Review by Nancy
Product Rating
Bad smell of the vagina area troubles me.I feel much better after trying this red light ozone device.Thanks.
(Posted on 4/17/17)

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