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IEASE Medical Kegel Exerciser And Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator For Women Intimate Private Home Use, Best Bladder Control & Vagina Tightening

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Screen Display

Detection level is divided into 1-9 level,the higher level the better of muscle strength

     Pressure interval value is greater than the minimum value, less than the maxmum value. A retraction cycle contains 5 training,
     for example, level5, in the 5 test, at least 4 times the systolic pressure reached 70-75 mmHg, and each contraction time is maintained for 4 seconds.

Operation Ways

How to use the "Free Mode" with the Kegel Exercise App in iPhone, iPad and Android device?  

There are two modes -- Default “Training” mode and “Free” mode for user's choice. For the Default “Training” mode, user only need to do the Kegel exercise by following the prompt. But for the "Free" mode, it is better to use this mode with the Kegel exercise App. The App can be found from App Store or Google Play.  

Biofeedback Kegel Pelvic Muscle Trainer is an air pressure and biofeedback Kegel exerciser. It can help females safely and effectively do kegel exercise so as to help them regain stronger pelvic floor muscles. The strong pelvic floor muscles is necessary for female to get better bladder control and higher quality of sexual life.



1. Adopts pneumatic and biofeedback technology, guides females do Kegel exercise safely and effectively.
2. It can help females strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so as to avoid bladder leaks and incontinence, vagina relaxation and sexual dysfunction.
3. Real-time pressure value is accurately shown on the digital pressure gauge in mmHg.
4. No human voice prompt, but only “beep” prompt to guide the users when to contract and when to Relax, users no need to eyes on screen during exercises. If users don’t want the “beep” prompt, they can turn it off.
5.With two modes for choice:
a)Exercise mode helps the user do pelvic muscle training more efficiently.
b)Self-assessment mode helps the user to choose the suitable intensity for the training.


1. Big screen, clear icon prompt;
2. Beeps voice prompt, voice turn on/off button;
3. “Train” mode and “Free” mode for choice;
4. Automatically pump function, no need manual pump;
5. Power management design, low battery warning;
6. Flexible Medical Grade Silicon Sensor for training in multiple positions (lying, sitting or standing)

Biofeedback Kegel Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

The trainer has passedEMC IEC60601-1-2 Test


Product Name:Pneumatic Pelvic Muscle TrainerModel:XFT-0010
Input Voltage:DC4.5V(3*AAA battery)Classification:Type BF Equipment
Water Prevention:Sensor: IPx7 ratingClass of Pollution:Class 2
Working conditions:Temperature: 5℃~40℃
Humidity: ≦80%
Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Storage conditions:Temperature: -20℃~55℃
Humidity: ≦93%
Air pressure: 70kPa~106kPa
Altitude:≦2000mComponent:Probe: 1 pc
Size: Φ33*105mm
Weight: 35g

*Who shouldn't use the Biofeedback Kegel Pelvic Muscle Trainer

After you've welcomed your new arrival, the Biofeedback Kegel Pelvic Muscle Trainer will be there get you back into shape after your 6 week check-up.

Undiagnosed pain, infections, vaginal or rectal conditions. Do not use if you have vaginal varicose veins or while undergoing IVF.

As you may not be able to insert the probe to a sufficient depth. You may be able to use this if you have a bladder or bowel prolapse - the probe needs to be inserted 2 inches.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision

Product Contents

3Instruction manual1pc
4plastic case for sensor1pc
5Nylon bag1pc

1.When can I use this product?

It can be used anytime except during pregnancy or within postpartum 42 days.

2.Will it be available if I got the vaginal inflammation?

It is prohibited if you got the pelvic inflammation(herpes,venereal disease, vaginal inflammation, cervical infection, etc.), suggest the using after eliminating the disease.

3.For how long time the effect will be shown?

Normally, using for one month will have the significant effect, most of the users will upgrade the muscle level by 1-2. Long term use will have better effect and no rebound will happen.

4.Can it be used with the condom?

No, it will affect the normal function of the product.The probe here is made by medical grade silicon, harmless to the body and safe use.

5.Will it be ok used with lubricant?

Based on necessity, can be used together with water based lubricant.

6.Will uterus prolapse be cured by this product?

Uterus prolapse is caused by the pelvic floor muscles shrinkage, and then lose the tension. Keep on using the product will repair the damaged pelvic muscles and help to restore the tension. The symptoms of uterus prolapse will gone.

7.Can the urine leakage during sneezing be cured? How long time takes?

Yes, can be cured by the product. Continue to use the product for 3 months, leakage will disappear. Tighter vagina wall will make the marriage life happier.

8.What is the frequency per day for use? For how long time?

Plse use the product twice a day at least. Moring and evening, 15 minutes each time.Other training can be arranged based on the body status(recommend at least 2 hours between 2 use).

9.Will the probe need to be replaced? How to do the maintenance?

Yes, for every 6 weeks, the probe need to be replaced with a new one, Please contact us for the ordering. After every use, Please clean the probe with water thoroughly, dry naturally and stored in safe box.

Customer Reviews

Review by Cyndia
Product Rating
After I had my son, I been experiencing stress incontinence, which is sooo annoying! After using this for 2 wks I seen the difference. When I laugh, cough or sneeze...nothing happens, I'm back to being normal women now lol. I recommend this to women who have problems like this.
(Posted on 4/22/17)
Review by Ca
Product Rating
A beautiful product, nicely packaged, with a high quality feel, easy to insert. Looking forward to trying a star jump on the trampoline to test effectiveness.
(Posted on 4/21/17)
Review by Anne
Product Rating
Great product to assist with incremental strengthening of weakened kegel muscles. Would recommend to others
(Posted on 4/21/17)
Review by Diana
Product Rating
Very comfortable and easy to use and it really works. After having three children I would leak a little pee when I sneezed or coughed too much. This has really helped me with this and to get back my confidence in the bedroom too.
(Posted on 4/21/17)
Review by Kathy
Product Rating
Bought this after I saw it on This Morning with Dr Chris Steel, it is great. I knew i wasn't as strong and in control as I used to be, and this seemed to speak to me! I have used it for about 4 days so far and it is great. It tells me how strong I am and it talks me though my exercise. It takes about 10 minds and I am doing it morning and night. It is amazing that I think I have been squeezing the wrong muscles - it wasn't until the probe is in place that I realised how to use the correct muscles.
I think this is great and highly recommend it.
(Posted on 4/13/17)
Review by Jane
Product Rating
This is an amazing bit of kit. I have been using the Kegel Ultra and was keen to see how I was doing using the Pelvic Trainer. I am thrilled to bits with the results, as is my partner. This regime is part of my everyday life now and has been a real success. I have no intention of finishing, I will carry on until I am at 10 and maintaining it.
(Posted on 4/10/17)
Review by Linda
Product Rating
I nearly gave up on this, I found it hard to move, infact I could hardly squeeze enough to get the scale to register and I had to get a replacement probe. But...I did it and I am an absolute convert. This is a must-have piece of exercise equipment. I cannot explain the difference I feel, and I find it hard to believe that my pelvic floor had become so redundant, it was as if it was no longer part of my body. Progress was slow but it has been years worth of neglect and i have no one else to blame. I use this twice a day without fail and i am now at level 4 and improving. I would buy this again and recommend this to others in a similar position.
(Posted on 4/8/17)
Review by Chris
Product Rating
I am a freelance journalist working in the health sector. I am writing a piece on it for a major publication but I wanted to say that this is brilliant. After the birth of my second child last year I suffered terribly with unwanted leaks and mishaps. I was certainly slower to recover after my last pregnancy and this has been a concern to me. I received this Trainer and duly tested it, finding my strength test recorded (Squeeze scale they call it) a paltry 2. I have so far exercised for 2 weeks twice a day and I am already up to 4 so I am delighted to know that I am getting stronger. Better too is that I have not worn a pad in the last week, and DB noticed too and we're a bit like Teenagers again. Who'd have thought it.
(Posted on 4/6/17)
Review by SueK
Product Rating
After have my 3 children, my pelvic floor was never the same. Over the last 9 years after having my last child I have tried all sort of methods of pelvic floor exercises; cones, kegelcisor, ben wa balls etc and none of them really motivated me to keep going. I feel that was due to the fact I couldn't tell whether it was making an improvement. With this unit, you are coached through the exercises, you get feedback and can see yourself improving and because you almost have a personal coach' you are motivated to keep on doing the exercises. I'm quite competitive and now i know there is a level 10 - I'm going for it! I would recommend this unit and the customer service.
(Posted on 4/5/17)

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